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officer was actually at the same. >>darya: president obama returns to the bay area today just a few hours from now he's raising money for house and senate democrats and for the national democratic party. kron4's will tran is at the betty ong center one of the stops for the president this morning. >>will: he will leave a much richer. he arrives here at the center at 1133 he will give a speech. according to legal or political experts because this cost zero thousand dollars originally but now it's the sound of $500. he was back here and the bay area back in june. also fund raising at the time. people believe he still needs to do a lot of fund raising simply because he needs the house of representatives to be controlled by democrats for him to get all of his issues and political promises fulfilled. and it's because of those unfulfilled political promises that we expect a lot of protesters to come up here. they're very upset with president obama over climate issues oil issues drones obama care so he comes to san francisco very embattled. his presidential approval rating is 40%, the lowest in h
>> our top stories we are following president obama will be in san francisco today. we'll tell you what his plans are as he visits the city by the bay. >> a woman jumps off the upper deck at sundays raiders game. the latest on the investigation.and the condition of the good samaritan who tried to break her fall. plus. the knockout game - >> where thugs sucker-punch an innocent victim. we look into whether that dangerous trend is happening here in the bay area. >> we have thanks and giving thursday just a down road. we would now have a look at the weather. we are starting out with clear skies and we do expect cold conditions especially for the north. we may also have morning frost developing. for the afternoon will have a lot of sunshine. tomorrow it will be partly sunny. it will be a little milder and then on wednesday, change is coming. will have an increasing clouds. i will lecher know if we will receive showers for a thanksgiving day. 40 degrees for oakland and san jose is waking up to 43 degrees to the north, where seen the coldest regions. 36 anin novaoto. we talked about the
to laughingstock, the obama administration is considering using pictures of people who've successfully purchased insurance instead. the photo of a smiling young woman recently was removed from the problem- plagued website. but a new hampshire woman and a florida college student say the administration has sought their permission to use their photos instead. the department declined to comment specifically on whether their photos will be used on the insurance enrollment site, but said as with all websites, it is making changes that will help users better understand key information while maintaining the overall design. obamacare is getting a lot of attention. but the white house is in damage control mode on several fronts in the face of sagging poll numbers -- and a second term agenda that so far is stalled. athena jones reports. nats.and i want to especially thank all of you. it's really an excusable. >>: and it isn't just about the care that's plaguing the president. the 16 day shutdown of marred all politics-as politicians. now he's under pressure of reports of government spies on allies. the pre
to the program. president obama is getting some help from major tech companies to fix the healthcare- dot -gov website. fifthengineers and software makers from oracle and red hat are pitching well as one google engineer. officials at oracle say they were brought in to make the government site more reliable and secure. the obama administration says the website will be running smoothly by november 30 -th. of the >>george: is looking at the bridges your bay bridge ride westbound about as good as it gets here. just a short wait for the westbound trip. for the san mateo bridge we've seen no incidents or problems and traffic stays between 11 and 13 minutes for the commute time. for the golden gate bridge and easy ride. >>erica: we do have slight potential for showers. we are tracking a system dropping down from the gulf of alaska and-a ride on thursday. new details have been uncovered about the mysterious "google barge". which has been anchored in san francisco harbor. kron four's justine waldman has more on google's plan for the barge, including >>justine: some parts of the least started this
:30 p.m. bay area attacked companies are being called in to help fix the obama web site. >> it is just one of the problems so far with obama care. >> another example-- thousands of people say their health care coverage is getting canceled. all this as the president's approval rating falls. our political analyst with john us in a moment. but first grant lotus is here with more on what the white house hopes is a solution. >> the president is not messing around. he has hired engineers from three of the biggest and best attack companies in the world to help fix the obama care web site. >> bay area based oracle and google are joined by red hat--which is headquartered in north carolina. >> this comes after computer problems have been preventing people from signing up for government mandated health care insurance. >> even worse new concerns that the web site lacks of the security needed to protect the sensitive information of people looking for insurance. the obamas administration says the website will be running smoothly by the end of november. >> thousands of californians are
. officials at oracle say they were brought in to make the government side more reliable and secure. obama administration says that the web site will be running smoothly by november 30th. >> presgetting some help from mr tech companies to fix the healthcare- dot -gov website. >> a new book is shedding light on president obama's 20 - 12 re-election campaign. president obama's top aides secretly considered replacing vice president joe biden with hillary clinton on the 20 -12 ticket. according to the new york times. it got a copy of the book "double down: game change 2012." the newspaper says the book claims the effort was spearheaded by former white house chief of staff bill daley. but the idea was scraped when polls showed the switch wouldn't significantly improve president obama's odds. the book is written by mark halperin and john heilemann -- who also authored 20-08's "game change." >> 680 northbound is not a commute direction. looking at the bridges this is the only major incidents that we are tracking. the metering lights have just been activated. the san mateo bridge, highway 92 is pr
kron4 maureen kelly reports to at least one heckler did not think mr. obama was pushing hard enough. >> reporter: >> the easy way out is to try to yell and pretend that i can do something by violating a law. what i am proposing is use of our democratic processes to achieve the same goal that you want to achieve, but it will not be as easy as shouting. >> reporter: the heckler felt compelled to scream out because of what his friends and family members are going through with immigration. >> has the power to stop immigration but he is afraid. >> reporter: maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> pam: plenty of protesters greeted the president even before his speech. they get a third outside the betty mann on center this morning to go with his own rifle. police kept them behind their kids on the corner of washington and mason street some are very angry about immigration issues. at the president's other stops, the demonstrators protested government drones and the keystone and expel all oil pipeline. >> reporter: the president attacked a lot in during his time in san francisco. after take after talk
's a video of president obama last visit. we're back in june. he was also here for a fund raiser. you also give a speech three every time he comes here obviously he's looking for money and that's why critics are very upset. they say he uses california as an atm this time when he arrives he comes into california with soloist approval rating during his presidency at around 40 percent. california has been a very good to democrats as well as president obama but a poll among californians he is sitting at about 50% the reason why he chose the betty center is it as he's talking about immigration reform. he'll be met with if not the dozens thousand protesters do to issues of the climate obama ^ drones. a lot issues that people say president obama has not fulfilled. he has a couple of other stops included one- stop a private fund-raiser at around $32,000.500. he leaves san francisco a lot richer than when he arrives. hill had to less and less. >>darya: so before he makes his first stop fiesta land and that will happen at sfo around 1030 this morning. but continued our team coverage. we have yoli c
by president obama. >> welcome back. on to a developing story out of san francisco, where a group of protestors is demanding justice alleging about a hundred people gathered outside the mission police station last night. the protest sparked by the arrest of d'paris charles williams on friday. he was stopped by police for riding his bike on the sidewalk at a public housing complex. much of the incident caught on camera. witnesses say williams was beaten by police and that they were attacked trying to help him. but police argue williams tried to run from them and resisted arrest >> someone-session i am accountable and the officers will be held accountable. >> there was no need for this. all we wanted them to do was to start beating on him. maligned >> chief suhr says five of his officers were injured that night. two went to the hospital. investigators are looking at video of the incident to determine whether officers acted appropriately. >> coming up on a kron4 morning nils. we are looking at the weather. we're keeping an eye on rain that is here in the bay area that is holding off for now, but m
. temperatures rebound as we start the next work week low seventies for the warmest inland spots. president obama as pick to head the federal red reserve will face a senate confirmation hearing janet yellen currently serves as a vice chair on the federal reserve board. she's a former president of the federal reserve bank of san francisco. despite protests from a few t party members, yellen is largely expected to be confirmed as head of the central bank. if confirmed, show replace ben bernanke whose second term ends january 31st. >>james: california's health insurance exchange led the nation in enrollment during its inaugural month of operation. but the 35,000 tentative sign of to represent just a fraction of the eventual goal. covered california aims to sign up as many as 2.2 million people by the end of next year, either in private insurance coverage or medicaid services for the needy. officials said those seeking coverage and the state during the first month of opening romans were generally older and had previously been denied coverage. and more than 106,000 people have signed up for obama care
secret service supervisors on president obama security detail are under investigation after an incident this past spring at the hays adams hotel in washington d.c.. officials say the agent allegedly tried to get into the room of a woman he met at the hotel bar after realizing he left a bullet behind. the investigation also led to a routine search of his agency blackberry. sources confirms the supervisor and another were discovered to have sent sexually suggestive e-mail to a female employee. this comes after the secret service scandal in april of 2012 involving prostitution and drinking at columbia before presidential trip. a federal report is suggesting that 80 as a program to screen suspicious behavior of passengers at airports is not yet been proven effective. the government accountability office said its investigation found that the results of the tea as a program called screening of passengers by observations techniques were " no better than chance. " under the program, agents identify suspicious looking people and talk to them to determine whether they are a threat. the program ha
a specific plan the president has asked to take a look at those coverage options in " >> president obama spoken to us today about the economy. >> last month's government shut down. why and immigration. >> " we're one to fix the web site and millions of americans find it would have better coverage in " that was president obama speaking. >> president obama is marking veterans day by making it his mission to ensure american support is at veterans spirit alive in his weekly address obamas says now that war veterans are coming off towards the u.s. must serve them as well. he is promoting programs to hire and educate veterans. >> the republican address focused instead on the health care law appeared represented taught young of indiana shares birds of america as he says were hurt by obamas health ala. >> young also said he wants to delay the penalty but those who do have insurance. >> and this morning there were moments of panic at the las angeles inpassenger, pulls out a gun. of stories quickly discovered the dog was on loaded. the arriving passenger was arrested last night on suspicion of bra
will get through this. >> reporter: two tragedies in one month, prayer says it all. in daly city. >>> obama said the u.s. will give humanitarian efforts. he says they have incredible rezil resiliency. >>> bay area residents show a big out pouring of support, a local non profit had people drop off items. in 4 hours they filled 47 boxes and raised money. many of those who have friends and family in the affected affected area. >> everybody has been affected. it is heavy on the heart. we want to send or best to them. >> a shipping company will deliver the boxes. tell take a month. the need will be there. it will take several months for people to get back on their feet. >>> we take you to the streets of san francisco for the 94th annual parade for veterans. >>> gun fire erupts in an ice skating rink. >>> football fans behind a blaze. i want you to know stuff i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. i want you to be handsome. i want you to be awesome. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. i want you to return my emails.
back home. >>> and president obama returning to the bay area. what he will be doing here. that's coming up next. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> president obama will be back in the bay area on monday. in addition to raising money, we have learned that the president will be pushing immigration reform. this is video of the president's last visit. this is back in june. this time, he will speak at the betty ann rec center in china town. he will also raise money for the democratic party at two events for $500 the public can attend an event at the new san francisco jazz center. the other is a pri
. it is the 12th thanksgiving there for u.s. forces. >>> members of the military were called by president obama. he called 10 members from the army, navy, marine force and coast guard. he said they are thankful for the freedom they provide. >>> the next few days, conditions are not ideal, but we get fresh powder. now more and more resorts are open. we have kirkwood and squaw open. dondonner will be open soon. >>> we have another live look at the bay bridge. this is beyond the 880 westbound. we have clear skies for the weekend and warm temperature and sunshine on tap. it should be nice conditions. maybe of us are out and about. we are getting down to 51. 50 in oakland. 43 and 45 in san rafael. high 60s. it is a spare the air day. no wood burning is allowed friday. doesn't sound like a lot of people will be with the shopping. 56 in redwood city. 66 in cupertino. 66 in santa clara. east bay mid-60s. we have 65 for castro valley. 64 in richmond and 65 in vallejo. in the north bay we have 65. 64 in santa rosa. 63 for the financial district of san francisco. the beach is cooler, 59. 60 even in daly
. president obama once again is pushing for immigration reform from republican lawmakers. we will have that story coming up. >> one of the tsa agents injured by a shooter at lax talks about the ordeal you will hear from him next. >> we're also watching your morning commute with a live shot from the bay bridge approach. ♪ at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible. join us at and thrive. dale: we're from oregon. luke: the golden gate bridge... dale: which should be called the international orange gate bridge. luke: very special and californians use it every day. dale: just like tillamook cheese... luke: ...which is very special too, and can be used every day for any occasion. dale: special occasions and everyday occasions deserve tillamook cheese. luke: in other words, you can have your golden gate bridge and eat it too. i think... >> federal investigators are looking into what motivated a man opened fire at loss angeles international airport, killing one tsa officer and wounding two others. court
with the new healthcare law. one glimmer of hope on obama care. we will tell you what it is. meantime, erica is watching your forecast. ózçwó >> welcome back. we are tracking a hot spot on the freeway and the public transit. let's start with bart, medical emergency reporters are stating that a person is trapped under a train. devastation as closed. there are trying to turn things around and it's either richmond plaza or north of berkeley. there is no train surfers getting into el cerrito. they're working with ac transit to set the buses. they're trying to do this in the hopes said the traffic can get down. i spoke with bart central and told me that what they do expect that this will become systemwide at present, most of the delays are just confined to the richmond-fremont line. there are a lot of people who travel to millbrae, sfo that getting to the airport this morning will be a problem. and a lot of people transfer from downtown san francisco to lead millbrae train. there are problems are mostly confined to the line but they should have this translated as the morning transgressors. the
to sell existing individual coverage plans to current customers. president obama took a different tack yesterday, saying that americans who've lost their insurance coverage because of his health care law should be allowed to renew individual coverage plans ticketed for cancellation for a year what the house bill does is essentially gut the healthcare law, because it will allow individuals and companies to buy insurance outside of the health exchange. the white house says president obama would veto the measure. >> the president is going to meet with health-care companies at the white house. >> a new development in the l -a-x shooting investigation. officials are looking into why the t- s- a officer who was shot and killed.bled for more than a half hour before he was taken to paramedics. the gunman was shot by airport police and taken into custody just five minutes after the attack started. but officials say surveillance footage shows t- s- a officer gerardo hernandez was wheeled out 33 minutes after being shot. investigators are now looking at whether paramedics could have entered the t
- out of obama care has been a mess. all of washington was waiting to see how many americans signed up in october - the first month of enrollment. the wall street journal reports that in the insurance marketplaces run by the federal government -- only about 50- thousand people managed to successfully enroll. embarrassingly low numbers -- even after the administration tried to lower expectations. "i can tell you - our early enrollment numbers are gonna be very low." another huge problem - people are getting cancellation notices from their current insurance plans. that was 'not' supposed to happen. and now - in an online interview - former president bill clinton is adding more pressure. saying president obama has got to find a way to let coverage. line i personally believe that the president should honor the commitment of fellow workers. >> at a white house briefing.jay carney could only try to find a little positive spin. >> ".clinton also said we're better off with this plan than without it." it's not that the obama administration isn't trying. but there's a lot of catching up to
: the long -awaited obamacare enrollment numbers are in. the obama administration says. a total of 106,185 people signed up through federal and state exchanges. >> pam: only 26,794 people have enrolled through healthcare-dot-gov. >> pam: but as tory dunnan reports. a white house technology expert says, things are getting better when it comes to the failed website. >> reporter:government information technology officers finding themselves in congressional cross hairs. they're before a house committee on the botched rollout of the obamacare website, healthcare dot gov. >> reporter:but the obama adminstration's technology chief testified the website is getting better. >>the latest number is about 17 thousand registrations an hour. >> reporter:that's up from the day it went online, but nowhere near the goal of at least 50-thousand people each hour. >>this wasn't a small mistake. this wasn't a scaling mistake. this was a monumental mistake to go live and effectively explode on the launch pad. >> reporter:this comes as president obama's approval rating drops to an all time low. just 39 percen
obama and the bay area and getting an earful. >> stop the deportation! stop the deportation! >> reporter: tonight, the message that young protesters hope the president with here >> tonight on something i am really passionate about . >> gary: students at san jose state have their own silent message. here by the university president said this today. somewhere along the line our decisionmaking failed. >> gary: >> reporter: room when treat weather threatening to wreck a thanksgiving travel plans. >> this weather is just insane. >> reporter: we have the latest on flight delays at as low. and with the forecast is for the shivering folks on the east coast. >> pam: now at eight it was a 20 year old bay area woman who jumped from the upper level of the 0 dot coliseum during sunday's raiders game. tonight that woman remains in the hospital in critical condition news tonight at 8 we hear from a 61 year old marine corps veteran who saved her life at the raiders' game and lived to tell the tale. j.r. stone has more from stockton. people were still telling her not to do it. but she made the decision t
act website. saturday is the obama administration's deadline to get health care-dot-gov working properly for most users. jill dougherty reports. >> withering criticism of the initial rollout of healthcare-dot-gov has intensified the pressure on the administration to get this fix right for saturday. the white house hopes it can do that -- at least for the "vast majority" of users. >> "and this website is going to get fixed." >> healthcare-dot-gov opened and it's been a disastrous two months: the site crashed..unable to cope with people trying to sign up. small businesses still won't be able to use the site for another year insurance industry insiders tell cnn some customers' personal data is getting mangled. or even lost. the white house says the site will be able to handle 50-thousand users at one time. but they admit there will be times after saturday when healthcare-dot-gov does not function properly. and they're bracing for another possible huge surge in volume that could force some people into virtual waiting lines for call- backs. officials say consumers who pick a plan by
with schools keeping allergy treatment in tow will now be receiving financial incentives. president obama is expected to sign a bipartisan bill today that offers money to states if schools stockpile epinephrine , which is considered the first-line treatment for people with severe allergies. the effort was bolstered by the deaths of two girls in illinois and virginia from severe food allergies. michelle obama is joining president barack obama's efforts to get the united states on track to have the highest percentage of college graduates by 2020. the first lady will be addressing a high school in washington, just a few miles from the white house, asking that they take control of their education. she will also draw on her experience as she seeks to encourage lower income students to attend college. she grew up in a working class family in chicago and went on to princeton university and harvard law school. some student protesters are calling for janet napolitano to step down from her new job as president of the university of california, the students say former homeland security secretary napo
of receiving some of those rap obamas showers. that cotinga into the overnight hours as well. we could see a couple of pop up showers into the mid morning hours of tomorrow. >> jacqueline: temperature will stay warmer with 50 in daly city, 46 in livermore and into the afternoon it will be woman thin today for sixties for the most part. >> jacqueline: higher elevation with winter weather advisory until 4:00 tomorrow. right now the times will continue to drop musty cold front pushes through. >> jacqueline: it will be tried by 10:00 in the morning with more sunshine at that hour. and it will be warmer as the hat into the weekend. >> pam: next. >> pam: the newly released cockpit recordings. from a doomed flight over florida. >> pam: then. singer ceelo green in court. >> pam: accused of slipping something inside a woman's drink i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. n
insurance. >>> president obama says he will release a new national security strategy next year. the document will update the strategy the president outlined back in 2010. it will also describe national security priorities for the remainder of his term. that 2010 strategy addressed how the u.s. would strengthen its position as a global leader, also end the war in iraq and defeat the al-qaida terrorist network. the strategy also included achieving economic recovery here at home and abroad as well. >>> nearly two dozen children and parents are being treated for an unknown illness outbreak at a las vegas casino. the kids are members of a youth football team that's in town for a tournament. 13 children and five adults were taken to the hospital where they're being treated for food poisoning. authorities on the scene say they're not sure just yet what made the group ill. >> with flu-like symptoms, we can't tell. we don't know the source. it could be airborne virus, or it could be foodborne. we don't know the answer to that. >> one organizer said there have been as many as 40 people suffering the s
care reform law will be fixed. the obama administration has faced backlash over millions of canceled health insurance policies and problems with the health- care-dot-gov website. pelosi came to the law's defense on "meet the press." >> what i love about health care professionals is that they are calm. and we must we remain calm when we talk about the health of our country. the affordable care act, as i call it, have always called it, the affordable care act is right up there with social security, medicare, affordable care for all americans as a right, not a privilege. the rollout of the website, that's terrible. but the fact is that will be fixed." >> a source familiar with the rollout told c-n-n the obama administration is aiming for 80-percent of healthcare-dot-gov users to successfully enroll by the november 30th deadline. the source added the administration expects the website to have problems even after december first, but i-t experts are working to minimize those problems. >> a string of deadly storms and tornadoes ripped through the midwest-- leaving a path of destruction. mor
obama endured some tough criticism here in the bay area. we will tell you why the president was heckled and the middle of his speech. >> welcome back. many travelers are worried that the major storm system back east will have a ripple effect on air travel here in the west, especially during the thanksgiving season. kron4 charles clifford was at sfo check it on any delays. >> this man and his fiancee were flying out and wanted to avoid the crowds. >> i tried to avoid the big days but my guess significant other fund is a ticket. >> officials stated that they expected to be very busy on wednesday and again on sunday when people are heading home. this storm is expected to reach the east coast tuesday evening or wednesday and may cause airport delays for places for a boston, new york and philadelphia. >> the n-double-a-c-p and other activists are calling for stiffer charges against the four white students accused of hate crimes at san jose state university. the president of the university is blaming *himself for failing to take action sooner. president mohammed qayoumi independent investiga
of immigration activists fasting on the national mall. president obama and first lady michelle obama visited the group today. the "fast for families" protesters have given up all food -- only drinking water -- in hopes of pressuring congress to pass new immigration reform laws. some house republicans have taken issue with a senate- approved measure. that calls for an eventual pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants currently in the united states. house speaker john boehner has hinted he'll bring up immigration reform measures individually, rather than in a comprehensive bill. >> a little christmas cheer has arrived at the white house. first lady michelle obama and daughters sasha and malia welcomed the official white house christmas tree this morning. the 18-and-a-half-foot douglas fir came from a tree farm in pennsylvania. per tradition, the tree will be on display in the blue room. >> the first family is considering staying in washington after president obama's second term is over. in an interview with barbara walters, scheduled to air tonight, the president said the decision wi
of aid is not a punishment. kerry also said that "president obama and the american people support the people of egypt," and urged egyptians to continue their "march for democracy." president obama is lending his help to the democratic candidate for virginia governor. the bitter campaign between democrat terry mcauliffe and republican ken cuccinelli is in its final lap. and voters will head to the polls tuesday. the presidents last ditch supposed to take place somewhere near washington. help from former president bill clinton and former clinton. the funeral for a nevada teacher -- gunned down by a student -- will be held later today. family and friends gathered yesterday -- to pay their michael landsberry. police say he died trying to shooting at sparks middle school. saturday's viewing say landsberry was more than a teacher. landsberry was a member of the nevada air national guard and a marine. his funeral is scheduled for three this afternoon. >> now for your forecast parent. downtown san francisco, 60 degrees with a cool day on the beach. and upper 60s. now your kron 4 7 day aro
. >> how obama almost blew it. >> i president said i don't know if i can do this. >>> the great lo
and washing their hands and not sharing drinks. this week's the obama and clinton family's will be visiting the grave of john f. kennedy and a replay ceremony will be held in his honor, it will be 50 yea assassination from dallas. >>> the bears are right around the corner. >>> a group of friends rekindle old rivalries of the "best man holiday". >> he did not win anything, it is a complete scam. you got to sdop them. stop them. >> i am running out of time >> along the way, they settled scores and learned about each other. >> a group of college friends reunit for christmas and -- >> he's just messing with you man. >> of the sequel of "the best man" in 2009. >>> this is the warriors victory, kal football. the golden bears in boulder colorado this afternoon, at the end of day, the score was 24-41. cardinals at los angeles at the coliseum tonight. stanford at 3 and a half point at favorites and if you bet on them you would have lost. hey, we have got a meteor shower tonight. >> i am so glad that you brought that up because being a meteorologist, i am an expert movie theater yors. meteors.
interest on back kids crime fighting day! even president obama was at hand on that kids' adventure. bt kids addve ntures >> reporter: the president 3 tweet make a wish tweet here he comes-tech s f b a t k id >> reporter: even posted a video on bynum back kid is trending all over twitter he looks at the following here's a look at the following proper popular-tax hashtags #batkid at &t park lou seal #make a wish >> pam: both unions have approved contracts but the bart board is this sitter is considering rejecting it. outside bart headquarters with the latest details and now bart riders are on is all over eight yen. >> reporter: this task to do with a family medical leave act. with the union has agreed to a lawless family medical leave and pay employees up to six weeks. union agreed to this and bart leaders have signed off to this. they state that they did not mean to sign off and now they are rejecting at. >> reporter: as you know several union members were here and told the bart board that they cannot come back a need to approve this contract. >> all you have is buyer's remorse. you must sta
at home more quickly. chase. so you can. . >> president obama is coming to the city on the bay. this is video of his last visit back in june. he will speak at the chinese recreation center. he will participate in two democratic party events. it is $500. you can go to a jazz center or ceo mark benihoff's. >>> 4 students are a facing felony false imprisonment and other charges for a hate crime. according to police they hung a confederate flag in the room and forced a u-shaped bicycle lock around his neck. >>> people are gearing up for more snow, sleet, and freezing rain as a deadly winter storm moves east. >> reporter: the deadly winter storms stretches southern california to texas and could make thanksgiving travel problems all the way to the atlantic. rain is expected from texas to georgia and the carolinas. by tuesday it will reach the mid-atlantic. forecaster are waiting to see if it will be severe or annoying. a lot of people are waking up to snow and ice. >> you feel like it will push you into the next lane. >> reporter: in ohio swirling snow. check out this football game.
but the criminal conduct. >>> president obama making a trip to the bay area. he endured criticism. things grew testy in a brief change in chinatown. who is the heckler? what does he want the president to do? justine waltman talked with him. >> reporter: undocumented and unafraid. the berkeley grad was hand selected to stand behind the president. that is him yelling as someone grabs his shoulder. he didn't go to the event with the intent to interrupt, but he didn't like what he heard. >> he just blamed on congress saying they are not doing their job. he is not doing his job. >> reporter: hong is very passionate about immigration reform. he was under arrest for civil disobediance at another rally. he faced deportation every day. >> i am afraid for my family. my grandfather passed away. i couldn't go to his funeral because of my status. >> thousands of people are separated. >> that's exactly what we are talking about. >> that's why we are here. >> please use your executive order -- >> reporter: the outburst caused him to turn and talk to him. >> he can stay there. they feel deeply about the conc
: with just top five days to go before the deadline another delay. the obama administration says that the healthcare site will not be able to enroll small businesses for another year. >> will be website be functional during november? >> we will institute the shop component at nñthe end of november. >> reporter: republicans are quick to pounce on this problem. once again the president has delayed another major portion of obamacare and tried to bury bad news around a holiday hoping no one would notice. all businesses will be able to use direct enrollment. but during a conference call the ministration is downplaying the expectations. >> to be clear though there are 30th does not represent a real launch of the website. >> reporter: they admit there will be times after november 30 when the website will not function properly. the goal is to make sure it can handle 50,000 users at a time. consumers will be directed to a virtual waiting line. to avoid the line and roll these are being encouraged to visit the site in the early morning or late at night. >>> she is at it again, she gained
benefits from obama care is old people who are like 50 or 60 independent contractors. that's where to reach for healthy white male is going from 250 to $400. a 40% increase and premiums. loved the health care but hate the affect on the economy elsewhere. >>mark: watching kellogg. the big cuts. what's going on there. >> kellogg is pop tarts, plain gold--sprinkled, lego. --pringles, leggo my eggo >> they are taking effect some cost efficiency. they are calling that project k. i like kellogg for no longtime patient investor. >>mark: tesla. we've seen their sales and really starting to skyrocket the busing's only if you live in a very rich as of code. >> is the most registered new vehicle and the eighth top neighborhoods. the vehicles are stunning. they sell so few vehicles nationwide. they're earning season of reports coming this week. it's time to see what investors think of how few cars they sell compared to how much demand they have in the future. it will be fun to watch their tesla reports street thinks mr. market-entry into >> coming up drive me an e- mail. we will see after the break. >>
to the hospital and details of his injuries are not being released. >> at the obamas administration has recruited engineers from silicon valley. to help fix problems with its health- care web site. or caloracle and red hat are picking ed as well as michael dickerson, an engineer on leaving from google. >> larry ellison told shareholders today that his company is trying to make more reliable and secure. marin had and google declined to comment. the obamas administration has pledged the web site will be running smoothly by november 38th. >> at what snow been met thursday with a drummer lawmakers the can as a contractor turned up liquor has now been invited to testify before the german parliament on the angelo merkel phone tapping case. >> but it-as-8 is accused of mounting german chancellor angela merkels cell phone calls, for years now. snowden lick the information that led to that discovery he is still wanted in the u.s. for leaking classified documents. u.s. for leaking classified documents. >> the great american novel. u.s. for leaking classified documso you can happily let >>
for controversial statements made about president obama. in an email sent from a county-issued account, max lenington used derogatory words when discussing mister obama's re-election. >> "one day my dear sister emailed me and asked me 'what do you think max? why did we lose?' and that was my response to her." >> "he can say those hateful things from his rocking chair on his front porch but he can't say them from the county court house, the symbol of justice in our community. we won't accept it." >> thompson is calling for a resignation. local officials haven't said if lenington's actions were a violation of county policies. new details tonight on a tragic fall yesterday at the races. hall of fame jockey john velasquez underwent surgery today to remove his spleen after his horse, secret compass, fell during the running of the two million dollar breeders cup competition. in the fall secret compas broke her leg and had to be euthanized on the track. coming up. a man inches away from a fatal accident! we take another look at that amazing video coming up! uz)Ñ it's been a sour week for wine lov
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a month for the supplies to reach the central philippines. >> president obama announcing that the u.s. is providing significant humanitarian aid and to assist relief efforts. the president went on to praise the philippine people from the incredible resiliency. u.s. marines on the grounds in the philippines. >>> thanks a lot, mark. we have details on an fda recall that could affect you if you buy salads and sandwiches from trader joe's. these are prepackaged salads and sandwiches linked to e. coli contamination, two of the items sold at trader joe's in the bay area. take a look at the products. they came from the glass onion catering company in richmond. marketed under the trader joe mexicoity and fresh chicken salads and the delish and super fresh foods produced by the 23rd to the 6th of november. there were six cases of e. coli reported. >>> the nation will be honoring the services of the armed forces on veteran's day. president obama will be attending a ceremony at arlington ceremony about 8:00 our time, about an hour from now. the district of columbia will honor the must ko gee a
morning news, president obama finishing up his trip to the golden state today. we will tell you what on the agenda for the president today your recap this trip to the bay area. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >>anny: will come back time now is 610. president obama is wrapping up his three day west coast or by making an economic pitch in the film industry. today, he will visit the dreamworks animation studio of movie producer jeffrey katzenberg, one of his top fund-raisers and political supporters. that's in glendale. the president also plans to attend his last democratic fund raiser at home
myself in is a real struggle." >> pam: president obama wrapped up a three-day west- coast tour today in los angeles. the tour has focused on fundraising for democrats. obama visited dreamworks studios to praise the entertainment industry. more on tha t-- and the scare that caused fighter jets to be scrambled. at six. >> catherine: merrill newman's family is pleading for his release from north korea. but they still haven't heard a word about what's happening to the 85-year-old palo alto man. >> catherine: he was on a plane headed home october 26th - when he was escorted off by korean authorities just minutes before take-off. his wife and son say they want him home for thanksgiving. >> catherine: but that's appearing increasingly unlikely. his wife lee talked to cnn monday. >> catherine: merrill newman has a heart condition.and the family has sent him a second package of medication. but they have no way of knowing whether he'll get it. >> x respectfully that they release him and have him come home. >> catherine: north korea is not saying a word - except to acknowledge that they're hold
to happen by end of the year. the decision also defies president of obamas requests to the insurance industry to continue policies that had been canceled for mature. the state's insurance commissioner has said that more than 1 million californians are getting notices at their current health insurance policies will be discontinued in 2014. >> today the state's health- care web site, covered california, is about to begin their first major upgrade. the website a crit will bring self-service and roman online for small businesses and further streamline the individual consumer experience. >> coming up on kron4 morning news. we are watching bart to see when service might begin this morning. it is becoming a huge problem for people try morning. it is becoming a huge problem for people try to getwhatoes at first spooul tte le? ok. hoy bunches oats. ching! mmmm! mmmm! mm! it's thoats. honey. yeah. hoy bunches oats. is ia grt cereal. byrd trains are rolling once again. service resumes at 50 percent capacity just about a minute to go. the fix the glitch in computer system and everything is wor
morning news president obama and/or some criticism here in the bay area. we will tell you why the president was heckled in the middle of a speech and the life of the bay area man being detained in north korea breaks her silence and is now pleading for his release. and we will have the decision to release the sandy hook details of a the decision to release the sand♪ kiss that boringa bird goodbye ♪ ♪ at our thanksgiving we're gonna make our turkey fly ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. ♪ it's black friday ♪ we're shopping deals ♪ in little black dresses ♪ cute hair a
. >> president obama is again, apologizing for the botched rolled out of his health- care plan. >> what makes this particular apology interesting he is acknowledging that americans are losing health insurance plans that he had insisted they could keep. >> this is the president at an earlier appearance. today he told in the b.c. news that he apologizes to the people who have found themselves in that situation based on assurances they got from him. he says his administration is to everything it can to make things right. but millions of people have been getting cancellation notices in the mail. >> the fda has made a major decision that will lead to dramatic changes in the food we eat every day. and >> it is taking aim at transit back at it could be the first step to phasing them out. >> the fda is announcing that they are no recognizing trans fats at st. pierre >> taking a chance that out will prevent our tax and deaths. >> " the number of people crying diseases and rose bowl can play in health. >> in the past two years transit ads have so been disappearing from menus macdonalds is one of the fo
have been released for obama-care. they're so bad - democrats are scrambling to find a positive spin. and republicans are saying -- 'we told you so'.. catherine heenan is here with the details. >> catherine: the numbers are even worse than expected. with things so bad.some are wondering if the program can survive this disappointing start. let's look at those numbers. >> catherine: here's the total of people enrolled this first month. just a little over 106- thousand. that's counting both the federal website -- and state programs. >> catherine: only about 10% of what was originally expected. and focusing just on the obamacare website. less then 27-thousand enrolled on healthcare-dot- gov. a shockingly low number. >> catherine: people have had more success with state programs. like our own "covered california" -- with roughly 35-thousand people now enrolled. meantime.a white house tech expert insists things are getting better. >> catherine: government information technology officers finding themselves in congressionalthey're before a house committee on the botched website, healthcare d
to continue to sell health insurance plans. yesterday, president obama announced a change to his signature legislation. designed to keep his promise -- if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. reporter andrew spencer has more on the test democrats face in the house today. the president pledged a fix to help keep his promise to help people keep their health care plans. memo we are going to get it right in the affordable care act is going to work for the american people. among the some people who have already had their plans canceled are skeptical the president can deliver. >>: it was nice to hear him acknowledge that there had been a mistake but i'm still feeling uneasy. that he essentially ordered insurance companies to send another letter. none of these companies. not one has to again reach offer that insurance plan. >>: and some democrats are still cautious. seven senators have joined mary land use plan that will let people keep their insurance plan and definitely not just for another year. >>: the president's guidance was welcomed at well received. we still may have to fashion som
to have in his pocket. no matter what. >> and candidate obama believed in the nuclear disarmament. it is all connected but they like and love important policy. and win to begin with we'll see in six months if it stay as win. and it takes attention off the the obama care web site. >> thank you. we'll talk to you next hour. we'll be right back. so tried dd lasteeke. it reay ma theiffence beeen a morning arou theouse d geing little exeise. beeen a morning arou theohi-ya! and triea bang css. beeen a morning one ekencan make all e dierence.unke the bar, pendivesou the condence ofew f-flex® ptection. i's a sm. 'our st protection. with fresamp takeour ekend on >>> we have the possibility of rain in the bay area but people are gearing up for sleet, snow and freezing rain as the storm moves east. the treacherous conditions could affect people traveling their thanksgiving destination. >> the storm may create problems all the way to the atlantic. >> i hope it will be gone soon. >> reporter: rain will stretch from texas to georgia and the carolinas, including sleet and snow. and
friday for comments the elder made about president obama. >> the pastor spoke at a tea party rally in 2012 where he said " we need to send barack obama back to chicago--i would like to send him back to king yet in " >> in dallas the center responded to what he called his father's joke. >> " well i love my father. he is a pastor. he is a man of deep integrity and he made a joke. it was an ill advised and joke, and sadly those who are trying to play the politics of personal destruction are trying to smear him and use that to attack me. that's a shame, but it was an ill advised joke in " >> the center declined to answer additional questions about his father. >> new york officials are acting up security for the city's marathon with a million dollars spent on security. >> the new york police commissioner is saying tomorrows marathon will be the best protected race runners can enter. >> the route will have for bomb sniffing dogs, mobile cameras and dozens of police officers on the ground. >> high-tech surveillance cameras will also be used. volunteers have been prescreened and will be sc
well. there are no more risk there.southbound 101 is looking good. >> and the obama administration appears ready to give some labor unions a break from costly fees under the new health care law. but the move is drawing criticism from republicans who say it unfairly favors a key white house ally. the issue surfaced after the administration said last week that it plans to exempt "certain self-insured, self- administered plans" from paying a new temporary fee. both unions and business groups have complained about the fees. health care experts say the exemption could apply to some union-sponsored health plans, though it's unclear how many. >> health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius is fielding more questions about what went wrong with the october rollout of healthcare-dot-gov and what is being done to fix it. martha shade has the latest. >> there is no excuse for what has been a miserable five weeks. >> the secretariat--was the hot seat once again in from the senate. >> there are no more excuses, just give us the truth. >> the questions were intents. they want to know why
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